Our highest priority at Knots & Shots Hawaii is to provide you one of the best memories of your lives. We don't take weddings lightly. We have carefully written a handful of ceremonies to ensure that we have something for everyone.

If you are introverts, we have a ceremony that faces you towards each other, and speech is limited. Extroverts, we have a ceremony that allows you to take the spotlight. Super family oriented, we have a ceremony that includes your guests. Just the two of you? We have an elopement ceremony. Vow renewal? Yes, we've got you covered too.


Not only do we have these unique ceremonies, but we also offer creative add-ons to the ceremonies. Our most popular of these choices are the Lei and Sand Ceremony. The Wine Ceremony is always a treat and Ring Warming is becoming increasingly popular.

What sets us aside from the rest? Our ceremonies have been designed not only for the bride and groom, but their guests as well. Laugh if you wish, but the average attention span for an adult is 22 minutes. Add cell phones with social media, etc. into the mix and you're lucky to get 12 minutes in the spotlight. Knots & Shots Hawaii want family and friends to leave the ceremony lifted from their message. And hope that many feel their own relationship renewed by the words they experienced.

All weddings are created equal. Whether you've been together 6 months or 20 years. We want to work with you, choose the best location with you, get to know the two of you, and deliver the best ceremony possible.

So what about our photography? Great news is, our photographers are kama'aina (from Oahu). For you, this means that they know the island very well and can capture you in the best locations, during the best times for great lighting.

With years of experience, knowledge of the island and working very closely together with the officiant, the end result is a unforgettable Hawaii wedding.